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Вторник 25 Апрель 2006



Schiavone: now I have learnt how to defeat a number one
of Stefano Semeraro
The “Schiavo” is one that might get lost, but she didn’t. One of these that have the talent inside her, on her muscles, but sometimes can take a wrong direction, in a history that has no directions. This is not painful. This could be a delusion to add to others we have lived in our sport. “She was 22 and none have known how she could obtain these results”, told Daniel Panajotti, the Argentinean coach that met her when she was at the 40th position of the world placing, and helped her to arrive at the top 10. “It’s a shame, because if someone had taken care of her before, today Italy could have a number one player”. Today Francesca Schiavone, 26 years old in June, born in Milan, the best of Italy, has arrived not so far from the result that she could obtain. Number 11 of the world, Masaniella smiling of a “scugnizza” Italy that in Fed Cup, the women’s Davies Cup, has arrived to the semi-final vs. Spain, with a not very difficult final, maybe with the USA, maybe in Italy. Thanks to Flavia Pennetta, our number 2 of captain Barazzutti, and also Vinci and Santangelo. But the Italian lioness is Francesca: for her talent, results, fury and love. “Schiavo” loves the flag, feels shudders when the band plays the national anthem “Fratelli d’Italia”, and doesn’t feel ashamed of it. She loves the “maglia azzurra”, and when she adjusted it well on her shoulders, as captain Barazzutti said, “She gives the best of herself, becomes excited, an example for everyone”. The first to cry and embrace her winner mates. Lìder maxima. “Maybe this is right, but you should say that”, said her with a quiet voice, while the car makes wroom wroom between Nancy and the next match. ”I feel always the same, a simple girl, curious about what’s happening. Victories for the National team have a different value. There means one for all and all for one. After the victory versus Mauresmo, I confess, I have felt excited. It was a very important victory. For me, and for all Italian tennis”. She has already won versus Mauresmo in Moscow last year, when won versus Dementieva and stopped at final versus Pierce, “But the secret to win versus the number one I won’t tell you”, and smiles “Because I have to defeat her in Paris”. Roland Garros, an important dream. Last year was the click’s year, the new season in which Francesca has totally token away a narrowed skin. That of a girl curios of the world but bashful, introvert, strictly for a very serious education, suspicious because of meeting wrong masters. Thanks to the pragmatic guide of Panajotti, Francesca understands that she could play against everyone. With courage, a panther body, perfect for sport, shots that anyone hardly have, and admired by the others players. The incredible match point against Mauresmo was conquered attacking “Because in these moments there need some madness”. The madness that makes her make impish dialogues with her friends on the stand, and for this reason has received the tapir from the TV programme “Striscia”; that makes her to raise her skirt on the tennis court, or admits happily that “When I like a man the first thing I observe is his bottom”. In Miami she has lost a good opportunity to become one of the top ten, but the winning post is always there. “I feel like a top ten, but one thing is thinking of it, and arriving there is other. Now I am concentrated to play every match, to improve myself without dreaming too much. The only thing I need is being confidence in everything I do. And to win a tournament, an important tournament”. Yes, 7 finals already played, 7 finals lost, even the last 2 finals during this year with many regrets lost versus Henin in Sidney and Petrova in Amelia Island. Psychosis? “No, she needs more time”, said Panajotti. “Since she has been a child none has taught her how to win. And this is the last step. Players win the match, not coaches, and Francesca knows this”. Also Silvia Farina have lost 7 finals before arriving to the victory. “Maybe I will win the next and other 15 finals”, smiles the lioness, “the truth is that with me none knows”.