Our philosophy 

The fundamental characteristics we find in potential tennis players to obtain a high level is very easy:
…that he doesn’t like to loose; we enjoy looking at them when they try to survive during a match, even if they get angry, and sometimes they loose their emotional control, but they never give up, and fight until the end. Not every player has got these qualities.
…the technique is the first step during the tennis player development. When we say the technique, its mean ALL THE COMPLETE TECHNIQUE. Without evident weakness that could take some difficulties in the future.
…To have no objectives during the training is the worst enemy for the motivation.

Our mission

Daniel Panajotti, former coach of Francesca Schiavone, Maria Elena Camerin and Emmanuelle Gagliardi, has decided to extend his international experience to young people, in her own Academy, founded in 2008.

The concept of the Academy is based on teaching and not on structures, Daniel focuses on content, so the desire is to share the know-how and success factors.

Our programs

All our programs focus on quality, where our individual project is our priority, which is why we always keep a reduced number of athletes. Inside the Daniel Panajotti Tennis Academy, there are various programs designed to meet the needs of every athlete in the largest academy in Verona.

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The staff


Daniel Panajotti,  Tennis Coach

Liubov Dergunova, Team Manager

Dott.sa Agistina Perez Roldàn, Mental Training

The staff


Daniel Panajotti, Tennis Coach

Liubov Dergunova, Team Manager

Dott.sa Agistina Perez Roldàn, Mental Training


This is how to get in contact Daniel Panajotti Tennis Academy


Via Serenissima 34
25129 – Buffalora BS


333 390 47 47

if I don’t answer, it’s because I’m on court, write to info@danielpanajotti.it

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